Indian Medical Association (IMA) is the largest represented organization of doctors of modern system of medicine in India which looks after the interests of doctors as well as the wellbeing of the community at large.

IMA Trivandrum Branch is the oldest branch of IMA Kerala State and was formed before independence in the year 1933. Dr.C.O.Karunakaran was the Founder President and Dr.K.Raman Thampi Founder Secretary of Trivandrum Branch. In the beginning there was no office to function, but the meetings were held in the residence of office bearers. Dr. Ravi Varma was the second President and Dr.Kesavan Nair second Secretary. The 3rd President was a lady, Mrs. Punnen Lukose and Secretary Dr.S.Padmanabha Pillai, Dr. Jacob Thaliyath and Dr.B.M.Ambady as next president and secretary. Dr. C.O Karunakaran was again become the 5th president and Dr. P. Krishna Moorthy as secretary.

Dr. B.M Ambady was instrumental for the present IMA Building. First the office was functioning in the residences of office bearers and IMA could find a room at General Hospital its activities. 20 cents form TB Centre compound was allotted to IMA & Red Cross to construct the present building. Dr.B.M.Ambady played an important role to build the present IMA Building. Dr. Ambady was controlling both Trivandrum IMA and Red Cross and was in charge of Red Cross. He started the construction of the building both for IMA and Red Cross in 1963 and finished in 1967. The foundation stone for the present building was laid by the then Governor Sri.V.V.Giri in October 13th 1963. The building completed in 1967 and was inaugurated by Dr. Suseela Nayyar Union Minister of health on 14th January1967. The building was jointly constructed by IMA & Red Cross. The agreement between was ground floor will be occupied by Red Cross and 1st Floor will be occupied by IMA. The construction cost will be shared between IMA and Red Cross. Major fund was invested by Red Cross and IMA Trivandrum refunded the amount in installments. The IMA office which was functioning temporarily in a room in General hospital Trivandrum was shifted to the present IMA building -Red cross Road, Opposite General hospital Trivandrum with Mr. Madhu as the first office secretary. That time the dinner meetings were held at Trivandrum Club.

In 1975 Dr.Krishna Moorthy the president and Secretary DR. P.V George organized a benefit show Drama –“Thuvalum Thumbayum” written by Madavoor Bhasi the great dramatist, at VJT hall. They could collect sufficient fund from the benefit show to settle the account with Red Cross in 1975.

IMA Thiruvananthapuram is the oldest branch in Travancore Cochin. Calicut Branch started in the year 1931-32, but that time they belong to Madras State and not in Travancore Cochin State. They become part of Kerala only in the new formation of Kerala State in 1957. Even in the olden Create PDF with PDF4U. If you wish to remove this line, please click here to purchase the full version days IMA Trivandrum branch is very vibrant Branch and contributed several leaders to the State, National and international level. Dr. C.O. Karunakaran becomes the first National President of IMA from Kerala in 1958-59.Dr.V.C Velayudhan Pillai was the second National President of IMA from Kerala in 1987-88 and in the next year he become the first president of Asia Oceana Medical Association in1989.We have two Past National IMA Vice presidents, Dr.A. Marthanda Pillai becomes the National Vice President in 2202 and Dr.K.Jayaram in 2008.

Other State presidents and State Secretaries were: – Dr.B.M.Ambady becomes the State Secretary in the year 1957- 58&1959-60, Dr. Anantha Narayanan State secretary in 1958-59and he again become State President in 1973-74, Dr. V.C Velayudhan Pillai became the state Secretary in 1985-86 & 1986-87, and State president in 1987-1988, Dr.A Sankara Pillai becomes State President IMA in 1986-87,Dr. A. Marthanda Pillai State Secretary 1988-89 and become the State President1990-91, Dr. Jayaram State president in1996-97, Dr.T.Suresh Kumar became State Secretary in 2000-2001 and 2002-2003, Dr.Alex Franklin become the state President in 2007-08.


IMA Thiruvananthapuram branch bagged several awards from State and National Level. Dr. SS Rao award for the Best Branch of Kerala in 2002-03, Dr.G.Vijayakumar as president and Dr. Sreejith N. Kumar as branch secretary. Pareed Pillai award for the second Best branch of Kerala in 2003-04, Dr.Alex Franklin as branch president and Dr. Sreejith. N.Kumar & Dr. C.Thankappan were Secretaries (6 months each)