From the President’s Desk

Dear IMA members, 

Let me thank each one of you for electing me as the President of IMA Thiruvananthapuram for 2022- 2023. 

My team extends our deepest gratitude for the trust instilled in our leadership and we take up the responsibility with utmost priority. We all doctors will work together as a team bounded by our profession, social commitment towards society under the umbrella of IMA for the betterment of our community and society. 

Tvm IMA with its 5000 plus members constitutes the largest branch in Kerala and 3rd largest in India. Hence each one of our voice and opinion matters immensely in dealing with the challenges that IMA faces from time to time. I assure you that our team will try to continue and improvise the activities of previ ous teams and request your inputs for the same. 

First priority was and will continue to be our fight against hospital attacks and violence against doctors.We will take up steps and measures to avoid such incidents in future. Another priority is discussion and involvement in professional issues like amend ments to NMC Act, CEA Act , Consumer protection Act etc and we will do everything possible to strengthen both the National and State IMA’s efforts against it. We will definitely work together for fulfilling our dream to build our own Head Quarters at our land near Aakkulam Lake.

Our team aims at strengthening Social projects like Palliative Care Project, IMA Campaign against Narcotics, Public health brigade, Basic Life Support trainings, Trauma Rescue Initiative, National Initiative for Safe Sound promotion, camps as a part of Pink project for adolescent girls health, Public health emergencies like Covid, Nipah Dengue.

 We will extend our prompt help to the community incase of disasters like floods or cyclones. We as a team will promote adherence of our members to Medical Ethics and profes sionalism so as to protect the integrity of our Community. Our Team will actively promote IMA schemes SSS1, SSS2, SSS3, PPS etc. enrollment and ensure more members are made aware of the benefits of these schemes and give them a chance to enroll in the same. JDN and MSN network forms an integral part of future of IMA and we will guide and work with them as a team. We will work on reducing their membership fees to ensure maximum enrollment. 

We will conduct regular CME programmes to enhance our academic quality and also conduct programs to familiarise us with medical developments happening in counties abroad esp USA, Europe and Australia as was done during COVID times. Sports and literary activities enhance every mans’ overall well being and we plan to conduct regular sessions for both to keep our members physically and intellectually fit. TVM IMA ‘s branch office which is located at the heart of the city has office staff who will attend to all your needs regarding Schemes, Membership, enquiry into our Social projects etc. Expecting support and cooperation from all you. 

Yours faithfully

Dr G S Vijayakrishnan